2021 Dream – Shield Teachings
and Ceremony! On Zoom

With Batty Thunder Bear, Sabina Crystal Cave Dreamer and
Johannes Star Light Carrier

The Dream Shield is our vision and inspiration,
how our Spirit is guiding our Dream of Life!

The Dream Shield is always created and renewed in cycles of 7 years.
2021 is The Year!

In 1993, the Elders of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path gave us this powerful and rejuvenating Vision Quest ceremony to renew our Dream-Power, find intent and direction to carry this into our lives, together with the invitation for ceremonial renewal every 7 years.

Opening up to what our higher Energy Bodies are dreaming in the Nagual is the primary foundation to actualize ourselves consciously and connected in Life!

What are the bright Imaginations from our Higher Self, which will guide us in the next seven years?

Which dreams, hungers and desires are of importance for our next 7-year cycle in Life?

We invite you for a Teaching and Ceremonial Weekend on Zoom with Batty, Sabina and Johannes, and for a Debrief Meeting several weeks after the ceremony.

On the teaching weekend, and in the weeks to follow, you will celebrate this ceremony for yourself, in the powerspots of your area and choice. You will paint your Dream shield, which will be your visionary guide for the next 7 years. In the follow up meeting, we will debrief the ceremony with all of you that desire.

The ceremony and the teachings are open for anyone who is familiar with the basic teachings of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path, and desires to dream into power.

Teaching Dates:
Friday May 28, Saturday May 29, Sunday May 30, 17’00 – 21’00
Central European Time (CET)
Debrief Date:
Sunday July 4 at 17’00 CET

Fee: 250.- € incl. LPSP for all 4 sessions.

Registration and Organisational:

Please register directly with Sabina and Johannes: info@dreamers.ch
After your registration and payment (please! With a note: Dream Shield ZOOM!), you will receive a confirmation, and all Zoom Links will be sent to you shortly before the meetings. You only may participate in person, there will be no recordings.

Bank Transfer information:
Please send the fee of 250.- € to:
Dreamers GmbH, Johannes Schröder and Sabina Tschudi,
Glarner Regionalbank GRB, 8762 Schwanden /Switzerland
Euro- account number 10 511.126.75
IBAN: CH19 0680 748 1 0511 1267 5;
„Wise“ (formerlyTransferWise) works well! wise.com