Ceremonial Journeys


Palenque, Temple of the Sun

Sabina and  Johannes have been organizing and leading  Ceremonial Journeys through Mexico and Guatemala since many years.
South Mexico and Guatemala are the lands of the Maya, where the Rattlesnake School, the predecessor of the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path has  had it’s origins. The Journeys lead  therefore back to the original roots of the Sweet  Medicine Sundance Path.
The journeys  are characterized by beautiful landscapes, natural sites, old,  world-famous Maya ruins, Teachings, Ceremonies, and joy of livingness and pleasure.
Sabina and Johannes both are experienced Road people on the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path. Johannes in addition is a natural healer and classical Homoeopath. Sabina has  spent over 5 years of her life in Central America,  she speaks Spanish fluently and knows the local culture and the people, not only from her background  as an Anthropologist.
Johannes and Sabina in addition  are sponsoring   since many years a Reforestation project in Guatemala, and both of them  are narrowly  connected to the local population.

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Sabina Tschudi und Johannes Schröder

Sabina Crystal Cave Dreamer Tschudi and Johannes Star Light Carrier Schröder